Top 5 Fun Facts About “Euphoria” You Probably Didn’t Know

Every week, our obsession with Euphoria becomes stronger. This character-driven series, now in its second season, is one of the most popular television shows on Netflix right now. It’s praised for its candor and understanding, as well as its whimsical clothes and cosmetics, interesting characters, fantastic soundtrack, and artistic presentation. It’s an insightful look into the lives of struggling Gen Zers on a self-discovery trip. We’ve compiled a list of facts we didn’t know about Euphoria until now, which adds to the mystery surrounding the series’ genesis.

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1. Sam Levinson – the creator, is a descendant of Hollywood aristocracy.
Euphoria is the creation of Sam Levinson, a director who has worked on films such as Assassination Nation (with Maude Apatow, who would later portray Lexie in Euphoria) and Malcolm & Marie (with his Euphoria star and colleague Zendaya).
But Levinson hails from a family of Hollywood royalty: his father, Barry Levinson, is one of the industry’s most acclaimed comedy writers and filmmakers. Good Morning, Vietnam, Bugsy, Wag The Dog, and Rain Man were all directed by him. He’s now working on a biopic starring Oscar Isaac and Jake Gyllenhaal on Francis Ford Coppola, the filmmaker of The Godfather.

2. Hunter Schafer’s first acting role is in this film.

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Hunter Schafer, who portrays Jules in Euphoria, had no acting experience prior to being cast in the show. She was working as a model in New York when she noticed an advertisement on Instagram for auditions. Jules at the motel in the first episode of Euphoria, as well as the dick photo montage from episode three, were among the sequences she had to do in her audition.

3. Before landing the part of Alexa Demie, the actress noticed symptoms of euphoria all around her.
Alexa Demie, who portrays Maddy, says that getting cast in Euphoria was a stroke of luck. She had almost given up acting before auditioning, having been passed up for part after role in the lead-up to the television show. When she finally read the screenplay, she began to notice traces of Euphoria all over the place.

4. To prepare for the role of Cassie, Sydney Sweeney wrote a novel.

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Cassie, who played by Sydney Sweeney, went to great level to understand her role.
“I create an interactive timeline, journal, diary of their entire lives from the day they were born to the first page of the script,” Sweeney has said. “I buy a book and I decorate the whole thing and write tons of stuff down.” Sweeney knows Cassie’s whole past and has plans for her entire infancy and adolescence that we haven’t seen on screen in Euphoria.

5. Tom Holland paid far too many visits to the set of the Euphoria season.
The Spider-Man star and Zendaya’s boyfriend visited Euphoria’s 2020 set “at least 30 times” and has expressed interest in making a surprise appearance on the show. It’s something we’d want to see.

So there were the top 5 fascinating facts about Euphoria. We hope you like the article. Visit our website to read more blogs on this film.

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